Father Chuck's Challenge

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Father Pfeffer's Fishing Community, Haiti

Travel in Haiti is difficult. With that in mind we contuinue focusing our efforts this year on families that desperately need housing near FCC's first community, Father Pfeffer's Fishing Village, located in Baussan, Haiti. In 2018 FCC built an additional 25 homes plus a community center (Phase I).  Phase II of this project scheduled for 2019 is to build 25 additional homes.

The Phase II of project consists of:

  • Building 25 sturdy homes with basic furniture
  • Solar Lighting
  • Household furniture

2019 Projects

Panali & Jicaro, Nicaragua

The Father Chuck’s Challenge Nicaragua - 2019 project will benefit 50 families in the neighboring communities of Panali and Jicaro.  With this project, 43 families from Panali and seven families from Jicaro will receive housing, water and sanitation in the form of a pit latrine.  In addition, each family will receive household furniture and as well as chickens, a chicken coop and supplies to provide eggs for their diets and an income.  Under this project, trees will be distributed for planting to combat deforestation and provide shade.  The project will also focus on education, an invaluable tool in breaking the cycle of poverty.  In Panali, 80 children will benefit from a two-room school.
Also, a multipurpose center in Panali will provide it and surrounding communities with a suitable venue for community meetings and religious events, while a workshop center will be built to offer courses and trainings on the development of life skills.