Father Chuck's Challenge

Our Lady of Deliverance Community

Noyau, Haiti

The Noyau Community Development project aims to develop a viable community in Noyau by building homes and a community center with water and sanitation. A water treatment system, four wells and four solar-powered street lights also will be installed.

The community development will directly benefit 50 families:

This project will consist of the following components:

                  • 50 homes with water and sanitation

                  • A community center

                  • A water treatment system

                  • Four wells

                  • Four solar-powered street lights

                  • 50 septic tanks for homes

2021-2022 Projects

Eileen George Community

La Dalia, Nicaragua

The Fr. Chuck Challenge Nicaragua 2021-2022 project will help 30 families from a rural community in the municipality of La Dalia, department of Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Nicaragua was hit by two back-to-back category four hurricanes November 2020. Both storms severely affected thousands of Nicaraguans with torrential rainfall, landslides, river flooding and the loss of homes. The Matagalpa region was greatly affected.

The following elements compose the totality of this project:
     • 30 houses with water, sanitation and eco stoves
     • 30 chicken coops, hens, agricultural inputs and equipment
     • Trees and plants
     • Two-classroom school with sanitation and desks
     • Technical assistance