Twelve years ago Monsignor Francis X. Schmidt began the work of Father Chucks Challenge.  On April 22, 2017,  125 donors, volunteers and friends of FCC gathered at St. Isaac Jorges parish in Wayne, Pa. to celebrate and reflect upon the accomplishments of our FCC ministry. Click on the picture to hear more.........

Dear Donors,                                                †

          No one needs a reminder of the pain and suffering caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Many are disoriented and disheartened. The world’s poorest people and countries are going to suffer disproportionately. This has been the rallying cry of great Christians for all of time. Already fragile economies, communities, and basic supply chains have been severely compromised. Haiti is experiencing severe food shortages.  On April 21, we were briefed by Bishop Oge Beauvoir, Food for the Poor’s Executive Director for Haiti.  Now, more than ever, the only hope that the poor have is to bring their plight to the local church.  Bishop Oge told us of the daily calls he gets from Priests/Pastors asking for food. He lamented to us that he fears without help, the poor of his county will starve.

          We have established a new fund titled “Haiti Emergency Food” and call on our donor base to help.  We understand financial stresses are widespread in the world but respectfully ask you to pray for Haiti’s hungry and offer what you can for the least of our Haitian brothers and sisters.  This special appeal benefits our communities and other starving families.

          Please help meet the urgent need to feed families in Haiti. Note "Haiti Emergency Food" on the check.  Mail it to Father Chuck's Challenge, 1020 Lake Lane, Pennsburg, PA  18073-1610.  Or donate online by clicking
Haiti Emergency Food.  May God bless you through this crisis.  

                                                                                          Anthony Celentano
                                                                                          Chairman Father Chuck’s Challenge

        Father Chuck's Challenge, 
is a  small local charity
attempting to help clearly identified, desperately poor people in Haiti and Nicaragua with clear definite plans for...

"sheltering the homeless"  (new homes, latrines)

"feeding the hungry"  (chickens, fruit trees, seeds)

"giving drink to the thirsty"  (pure water to each home)

permanently!   fundamentally!   economically!   immediately!

St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Francis Xavier are our patron saints.
     We call on their intercession for all involved in Father Chuck's Challenge, and for missionaries everywhere.

Our Privacy Policy has recently been posted to this website.  Find its link under "About Us"

"Whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do for me."  (Mt. 25:40)

Our Mission's trip to Haiti this year was chronicled by Food for the Poor's videographer.  View the video and meet the people Father Chuck's Challenge is all about.

Attention all Amazon Shoppers!

Here is an easy way to help the poor families we serve.  Simply do all your Amazon shopping on Amazonsmile and generatedonations for FCC automatically.    Our goal: 5000 shoppers. 

Please help us help the poor!

More on setting up the connections.

An appeal for help from the Chairman of the Board of Father Chuck's Challenge

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