Father Chuck's Challenge

Many thanks  to our mission partners, American Nicaraguan Foundation and Food for the Poor, who made this virtual connection to those we serve a reality.

St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Francis Xavier are our patron saints.
     We call on their intercession for all involved in Father Chuck's Challenge, and for missionaries everywhere.

"Whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do for me."  (Mt. 25:40)

This last year  has been a lean one for our usual Parish visits and the funds they bring in to support our corporal works of mercy mission. Please consider this virtual Mass as having a virtual collection basket and make a special donation by clicking on the Donation Basket or any  green Donate button on this site. The Poor families we haven't reached yet will be most grateful.  With sincere gratitude, THANK YOU!

Father Charles Kennedy, FCC's President and Chaplain, provides an introduction for both videos made in Nicaragua and featuring FCC beneficiaries from our Holy Family communities.

As the global pandemic continues to separate us from the ones we serve in the highlands of Nicaragua, we decided to set out on a project to link Donors up with Beneficiaries. Through and with our Missionary partners we bring to our Donors three videos in one expression; FCC's sincere gratitude to all those who support us!

Prayer/Bookmark given out to all who attended

The Mass was celebrated at the cathedral of Parroquia San Pedro (Saint Peter's Parish). 

The residents of FCC's Holy Family communities attended the Mass.

Attention all Amazon Shoppers!

Here is an easy way to help the poor families we serve.  Simply do all your Amazon shopping on Amazonsmile and generate donations for FCC automatically.    Our goal: 5000 shoppers. 

Please help us help the poor!

More on setting up the connections.

Update:  FCC's work to include a new Central American country within our Mission scope continues.
Our focus is to establish a position of support for the Poor of Honduras. 
We are, with our partners, seeking  agreements that would enable our first Project to begin in early 2023.

        Father Chuck's Challenge, 
is a  small local charity
attempting to help clearly identified, desperately poor people in Haiti and Nicaragua with clear definite plans for...

"sheltering the homeless"  (new homes, latrines)

"feeding the hungry"  (chickens, fruit trees, seeds)

"giving drink to the thirsty"  (pure water to each home)

permanently!   fundamentally!   economically!   immediately!

Meet Maria del Socorro and hear her testimony of how she and her family found safety and happiness four years ago when she was selected to receive a Father Chuck home.

Fourteen years ago Monsignor Francis X. Schmidt began the work of Father Chucks Challenge.  On April 22, 2017,  125 donors, volunteers and friends of FCC gathered at St. Isaac Jorges parish in Wayne, Pa. to celebrate and reflect upon the accomplishments of our FCC ministry. Click on the picture to hear more.........