Saint Peter Community, Haiti

In Couplier, near Lake Miragoane, Petit Goave, there are 100 families living in this impoverished lakeside community. In 2016 FCC completed the building of 30 homes and in March of this year we visited this community to dedicate the new village of Saint Peters.  Our Missionary team came home eager to raise support for the rest of the families that need our help.  The Project we committed to this year is to build an additional 40 homes for those who most urgently need shelter.

2017 Projects

Holy Family Community, Nicaragua

We thank all our donors and God for making Holy Family Community a reality as our 2016 project goals were accomplished.  For 2017, we focus on helping the poor families who live nearby our new Holy Family Community.

Our project for this year includes 25 more homes for families living in Mozonte and an additional 25 homes in El Jicaro several miles to the east.  Our goal for this year is to bring safe housing to 50 more families and by doing so expand the Holy Family Community established in 2016.

Father Chuck's Challenge